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Our Story

In 2011, we spent some time with family and friends who do not eat animal. So that's no meat, no dairy or eggs, but they do eat fish. We'd never heard of this before but gave it a go nonetheless.

Within a week of being there, we started to feel so much better in our health, with more energy, and particularly noticeable was our asthma all but disappearing.

So we did our own research and decided to give it a go for ourselves full time and we've never gone back.

However, as easy as we've found it to buy foods for our home, to cook, to nourish ourselves, it is very difficult to go out for a meal. There's only so much fish and chips a person can take, and desserts are out of the question most of the time. Yet it would be so easy for restaurants to cater for those of us with various dietary concerns with very little impact of their food costs. Thus an idea was born.

I know a great deal of people who have diet restrictions either because of a health problem, allergy or personal choice. All the big supermarkets have seen this need and are catering for everybody. If there was no market for these products, we would soon see them leave the shelves of Tesco.

However these food giants have instead increased their lines of specialist foods. Why? Well, to FEED THE NEED of course. It is our aim at Dietwize to help restaurants big and small to also see the need to cater for customers with special dietary concerns, rather than us having to go somewhere specialised.

Yes, there are vegan restaurants, vegetarian cafes, fish eateries, however, in a group of friends, there is much variety, if we want to go for a meal with our friends we surely don't expect them to eat the food we eat, everybody need choice, and there can easily be choice these days with so many products on the market.

A Typical Case Study

In an average group of friends it'll be quite likely you'll get one or 2 with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, maybe someone who is lactose intolerant, maybe a vegetarian or vegan.

Shouldn't all of these customers get the choice of a full meal when they eat out? Of course and this is very possible.

In my experience not many know the difference between vegan, vegetarian, or what they will or will not eat. It would be our objective to make menus more people friendly, so those with various dietary concerns can have more choice.

  • Lactose intolerant
  • Diabetic
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Nut allergy

After careful study and research over the last couple of years, looking at the chemistry of foods and learning in part from a Michelin star chef, I now have the know how and experience to convert most "normal" recipes into those that will be suitable for all.

This knowledge I would love to see implicated in pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Business survival today depends on following market trends, or risk getting left behind, which in the current economic climate is disasterous. We can all think of major brands that used to frequent our high street and no longer exists.

Our Service

It is our aim to help businesses to implement some of these ideas into their menu and we provide training sessions and consultancy, working along with food outlet owners and chefs to add some real choice to menus.